Features,Tech Catalonia launches video game to promote destination

Catalonia launches video game to promote destination

Catalonia, a region with a historically rich past, is taking a futuristic step in tourism marketing: launching a video game created specifically to promote a destination, “Legends of Catalonia” Land of Barcelona. 

Developed in partnership with Sony, the video combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create an interactive, immersive and personalized experience that transports you instantly to Catalonia, to discover and explore, as if you were actually there.

The Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge, Angeles Chacon highlights: “Legends of Catalonia is an internationally ground-breaking campaign and the most innovative ever produced in Catalonia. This is the first time, worldwide, that a tourism promotion board has used a virtual reality video game to promote a destination.”

In an ever-changing world in which traditional formulas coexist with new technologies, Catalonia and the tourist industry need to use tools like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, gamification and virtual reality to make an impact and reach global markets.

The video game features internationally renowned Catalan personalities: Carles Puyol, acclaimed FC Barcelona soccer player; Edurne Pasaban, mountaineer, and famous restaurateurs the Roca brothers. And, the action takes place at iconic sights in Catalonia, such as Tarragona’s Roman amphitheater, Lleida’s old cathedral, the mountain range of Montserrat, Dali’s Cadaques, Barcelona’s Sant Antoni market and the Sagrada Familia church.

The game lasts 50 minutes and is available in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. It can be downloaded for free at http://www.LegendsofCatalonia.com.